6.4 The cascade

Chapter 6 - Assigning property values, Cascading, and Inheritance - 6.4 The cascade

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c21-pseu-cls-000 (interact)
c21-pseu-id-000 (interact)
cascade-001 (userstyle)
User style sheets
Normal user declarations override the default user agent style sheet.
cascade-002 (userstyle)
Author stylesheets override user stylesheets
Normal author declarations override normal user stylesheet declarations.
cascade-003 (userstyle)
Author rules with !important and a user stylesheet
Author rules using !important override user stylesheet rules.
cascade-004 (userstyle)
User stylesheet rules using !important and normal author rules
User stylesheet rules using !important override normal author rules.
Redefining rules
The latter specified rule wins when having the same specificity and weight.
cascade-006 (userstyle)
User style sheets and redefining rules
The latter specified rule in a style sheet wins when having the same specificity and weight in user styles sheets.
Author rules local and external
Author rules in embedded stylesheets override author rules in imported stylesheets.
default-stylesheet-001 (ahem)
Overriding the user agent default style sheet
User agent default style sheet settings can be overridden.