5.11.2 The link pseudo-classes: :link and :visited

Chapter 5 - Selectors - 5.11.2 The link pseudo-classes: :link and :visited

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link-visited-selector-001 (interact)
Visited and link simple case
Link matches any link which has not been visited. Visited matches a link which has been visited.
link-visited-selector-002 (interact)
Visited and link in the same selector
Link and visited are mutually exclusive states.
link-visited-selector-003 (interact)
Active and link interaction
Active and link are not mutually exclusive.
link-visited-selector-004 (interact)
Active and visited interaction
Active and visited are not mutually exclusive.
link-visited-selector-005 (interact, may)
Visited links may return to unvisited
A user agent may treat all links as unvisited.