4.3.6 Colors

Chapter 4 - Syntax and basic data types - 4.3.6 Colors

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c63-color-000 (ahem, image)
Color Units
color-000 (invalid)
RGB color syntax error handling
Parsing rgb color values with white space
White space is allowed in the color rgb declaration.
colors-002 (invalid)
Parsing invalid hexadecimal RGB units - white space in hexadecimal values
White space is not allowed in a hexadecimal color assignment.
colors-003 (invalid)
Parsing invalid RGB functional notation - two values
An RGB value is invalid if it has only two values.
colors-004 (invalid)
Parsing invalid RGB functional notation - Percentages and Numbers
An RGB value is invalid if it has both percentages and number assignments.
Clipping of RGB color values
Values outside the device gamut are clipped: the red, green, and blue values are changed to fall within the range supported by the device.
Comparing color keywords and hex values
Color matching of keywords and hex values.
colors-007 (invalid)
Color keyword syntax