Cursor property, url value, no fallback


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image, interact, invalid
Test checks that a fallback cursor is required.


 1 <!DOCTYPE html>
 2 <html><head><title>CSS Basic User Interface Test: Cursor property, url value, no fallback</title>
 3 <link href="" rel="author" title="Chris Lilley">
 4 <link href="" rel="reviewer" title="Florian Rivoal"> <!-- 2015-04-12 -->
 5 <link href="" rel="help">
 6 <meta content="interact image invalid" name="flags">
 7 <meta charset="UTF-8">
 8 <meta content="Test checks that a fallback cursor is required." name="assert">
 9 <style>
10 	div.test{background: #D2B48C; border: 2px solid #555;
11 	cursor:url(support/cursors/fail.cur);
12 	width: 128px; height: 128px}
13 </style>
14 </head><body>
15   <p>The test passes if, when moved inside the the colored rectangle, the
16   cursor does not change.</p>
17   <p>If inside the rectangle the cursor changes to the word "FAIL" on a red
18   background, the test fails.</p>
19   <div class="test"> </div>
21 </body></html>