8.2 Pagination and overflow outside multicol elements

Chapter 8 - Overflow - 8.2 Pagination and overflow outside multicol elements

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'column-fill: auto' and 'column-span: all' (complex)
This test checks that if 'column-fill' is set to 'auto' and a multicolumn element content is solely made of block container boxes, then it should fill column boxes sequentially with such content and, in this test, it should overflow outside of it. This test relies on the idea that a 'column-span: all' element will occupy more space in a multi-column element than a 'column-span: none' element, therefore reducing available space for content in column boxes.
multicol-nested-margin-001 (ahem)
multicolumn and nested margins
This test checks that non-zero vertical margins can be applied on a multi-column element while the vertical margins of its own block containers can be set to zero.
multicol-overflow-000 (ahem)
multi-column with set height causing overflow outside (basic)
This test checks that column gap appears between two columns.
multicol-overflowing-001 (ahem)
multicolumn and overflowing constrained dimensions
This test checks that the content of a multi-column element with a fixed height can overflow outside its fixed width according to the computed overflow value. In this test, the inline content of a multi-column element exceeds the available fixed height and fixed width for the multi-column element; therefore, it overflows outside of it and creates a 4th, 5th and 6th extra column boxes.