4.2 ‘column-rule-color’

Chapter 4 - Column gaps and rules - 4.2 ‘column-rule-color’

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multicol-rule-color-inherit-001 (ahem)
column-rule-color: inherit
This test checks that, by default, column-rule-color is the current color applying to the element unless reserved keyword 'inherit' is used in which case column-rule-color will be inherited from the parent's column-rule-color value.
multicol-rule-color-inherit-002 (ahem)
column-rule-color: inherit (complex)
In this test, div#parent's computed 'column-rule-color' is given by div#parent's 'currentcolor' (a reserved keyword) and not 'red'. Then div.child's 'column-rule-color' take such specified value ('currentcolor') from its parent (due to 'inherit' keyword) and not 'red'. And then, it is applied to div.child's 'column-rule-color'.