4.1 ‘column-gap’

Chapter 4 - Column gaps and rules - 4.1 ‘column-gap’

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multicol-gap-000 (ahem)
column-gap (basic)
This test checks that column gap appears between two columns.
multicol-gap-001 (ahem, may)
'column-gap: normal'
This test checks that the 'normal' column gap is 1em, which is suggested -- and not prescribed -- by the specification.
multicol-gap-002 (ahem)
column-gap (basic)
multicol-gap-003 (ahem, may)
'column-gap: normal'
multicol-gap-fraction-001 (ahem)
'column-gap' with increasing values
multicol-gap-large-001 (ahem)
'column-gap' with large value
This test checks that when 'column-gap' is large and when used 'column-width' is narrow, then content extends into column-gap until its middle and content can extend, overflow outside the edges of the multi-colum element if 'overflow' is set to 'visible'.
multicol-gap-large-002 (ahem)
'column-gap' with large value
multicol-gap-negative-001 (ahem, invalid)
column-gap with negative value
multicol-height-001 (ahem)
column-count and height
This test checks that length of column rules is equal to the length of the columns and if a nth column box overflows outside the available width of a multi-column element, then an (n-1)th column rule should be drawn. In this test, a 3rd column box is created outside the content edge of the multi-column element: therefore, a 2nd blue column rule should be drawn accordingly.