4 Column gaps and rules

Chapter 4 - Column gaps and rules - 4 Column gaps and rules

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multicol-count-computed-001 (ahem)
multicolumn | column-rule
multicol-count-computed-002 (ahem)
multicolumn | column-rule
multicol-inherit-004 (ahem)
multicolumn | inheritance
multicol-rule-001 (ahem)
column-rule exceeding column-gap
If a column rule is wider than its gap, then the adjacent column boxes overlap the rule. This test checks that if inline content of column boxes uses only 1 twentieth (1/20) of each of the adjacent column box width, then the column rule must shine through 19 twentieths (19/20) of each of the adjacent column boxes (and above their respective backgrounds).
multicol-rule-002 (ahem)
multicolumn | column-rule
multicol-rule-003 (ahem)
column-rule (basic)
multicol-rule-004 (ahem)
'column-fill: balance' and column-rule
This test checks that when 'column-fill: balance' distributes equally inline content into column boxes in a way that does not completely fill column boxes, then column-rule must nevertheless still be painted entirely, that is for the whole length of column boxes, even though the whole inline content may not fill the whole length of the column boxes.
multicol-rule-fraction-003 (ahem)
multicolumn | column-rule
multicol-rule-px-001 (ahem)
multicolumn | column-rule
multicol-rule-stacking-001 (ahem)
multicolumn | column-count, stacking